A modern lending system

  • coding
  • ux design
  • system administration

At FH Potsdam there are various labs and studios where students can lend equipment. Me and a group of other students were asked to design and build a unified lending and inventory system to streamline the lending process. The clear structure of the system helps lab staff through the lending process and a powerful searchbar assists them to find the right equipment from all labs.

For Students, Bonanza introduces notification mails for lent items, due or overdue lendings and they can access additional information like manuals or tutorial videos.

One of the key challenges of the project was to figure out all the details to be able to create an usable and functional system. Concepts tend many times to just scratch the surface. With this project we had to figure out all edge-cases and define the behaviour for all elements.

The project is based on Ruby on Rails and includes user profiles powered by OAuth. The interface centers around a powerful searchbar based on Elasticsearch.