Visualizing emotions in text

  • concept
  • information visualization
  • coding

Emosaic is a online tool that filters emotions from user provided texts. An interactive visualization enables exploration and analyses by a systematic and comprehensible color code. The general mood of a text can be grasped quickly without reading the whole text. A web prototype demos the application of our emotion color conversion and invites the user to explore texts.

The tool’s origin lies in the interdisciplinary course „Emotionen sichtbar machen“ (visualizing emotions), where a first version of our color conversion approach was developed. Over a two year period an online tool in two versions was fleshed out.

We were able to showcase the project as a poster, won the DARIAH-DE Digital Humanities Award 2015 and gave a presentation in front of the interdisciplinary research community at the digital humanities conference of the „Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum e. V.“ in Leipzig.

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