Superseding traditional fridges

  • concept
  • prototyping & model making
  • visual design
  • programming

HIVE is a gateway for groceries. In the future groceries will be available on demand - current refrigerators and grocery stores will become needless. Upon order or by prediction groceries will be delivered home by drones from shipping hubs in the vicinity. HIVE is integrated into exterior walls, so that drones can dock from the outside to deliver their goods at any time and without anybody at home. Additionally groceries can be reached instantly and comfortably from the inside.

The project was realized in the course "Rethinking white goods" wintersemester 2015/2016 at FH Potsdam. Working together with Sandra Henseler and Stefan Hintz, we wanted to rethink the refigerator. We started the project with a user research phase. We interviewed potential users about their cooking and grocery shopping habits. Trying out Hello Fresh, a ingredient & recipe delivery service, we gained insights regarding cooking experience, opportunities and challenges of delivered ingredients. After interviewing an expert of the food-delivery service industry, we finished our research phase looking at current and future developments in the refrigerator and drone space and cooling technology.

We built two full-sized models of our concept. One model with the front enclosure opened to show the interior of the combs. On the second one, the front enclosure was closed and showed the animated user interface for ordering through rear projection. We participated in the SIEMENS Future Kitchen Appliance Award 2016.