Not a smartphone for your wrist

  • concept
  • paper & digital prototyping
  • interaction design
  • motion design

Lunz is an interface concept by Michael Dietz and Philipp Geuder approaching the ongoing smartwatch trend. The concept was created at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam during winter semester 2013/2014 under the direction of Prof. Matthias Krohn.

Lunz won't replace a smartphone but it will shift meaningful functionality from the telephone in your pocket to the watch on your wrist. Cultural probes and prototypes revealed daily tasks and situations in which you really could make use of a smartwatch.

Based on this information, the concept focusses on handling notifications, appointments, public transport but also privacy as a big topic. While wearing your private information on your wrist you don't want everybody to look at them. For this reason the watch only displays details if you want it to and that's why we called it "Lunz" – a german word for "glance".