Bachelor Thesis

autonomous vehicle interaction

  • user research
  • concept
  • ux design

For many people driving without a navigation system is unimaginable. For drives where it is a priority to get to a destination fast and efficient, it seems plausible that these systems will be used in fully autonomous vehicles without much change. In this case the driver is handing over all control to the "robot driver", e.g. the fully autonomously driving car.

The question is now, do we solely want to move in this other-directed manner, or are there driving situations, where the destination is just a vague idea, where we let our gut feeling guide us or where we are spontaneously and without time pressure deciding the direction we are driving.

If the human driver is replaced by robots in fully autonomous vehicles, it begs the question, how are the passengers going to interacte with the car? The aim of this thesis was to design an interaction concept for fully autonomous cars, which enables spontaneous and intuitive influence on the route and creates a positive user experience.